Ultimate YouTube PPD Guide

Please note that I took much time to write this. You can help me by signing up in Purebits under me HERE!

Without any questions lets start.



  • YouTube Account ( Of Course )
  • Blogger Acc ( Optional )
  • Purebits Account Register Here
  • Not so slow Internet ( 512 KPBS + )
  • Royal SEO
  • MS Exel
  •  YouTube Video Uploader
  • Firefox ( Recommend ), CCLeaner , OkayFreedom VPN etc..
  •  Some Landing Pages ( Will talk about it below )


Let’s start it now:

1) Making YouTube Accounts.

– You might see some game hack niches videos on youtube. Most of the accounts have 3 videos, and links are locked with surveys.

This is because all of them are CPA marketers like you. The accounts they use are PVA. On my experience, what I have learned about PVA is that:

Non PVA – 1 flag = BAN

PVA – 3 flags = BAN

Why to use PVA then?

– Because these videos won’t last for long. They’ll get flagged. So , if one video is flagged, there’s a risk of loosing other videos as well, which are still generating some profit. SO , PVA is there to rescue.

BUT , PVA need phone etc, and I’m a lazy kid. So I do the Classical way..


My Method Of Creating YouTube:

Simple , Hit the firefox, Make 2 accounts. Then clean history, caches etc everything and Then Change proxy or connect to a VPN and make accounts again.



2) Getting Niches:

There are many ways to get them. What I use are:

Method  1)

1) Go to Google.com

2) Search for ” site:purebits.net ” ( Can be used at any other PPD Sites )

3) Get The Niches 😛


Method 2)

1) Go to YouTube.com

2) Search for any keyword having hack . eg ”     hack working 2015 ” bla bla bla

3) Set the filter to ” this month ” and sort it by “view count”

4) Get the niches


3) Creating Channels.

As we made accounts in step 1 , now we must create channels.

For my instance, I always keep the channel name to , like a girls name, upload some sexy pics and add a cool background image. ( You betta got it ).


4) Making videos:

There are 2 methods for it:

Method 1 ) – Hardwork

Visit youtube and search for some VB.net tutorials.

PS – I have some VB.net Templates, Which I’ll share very soon from now.

Then make some fake programs, that’ll do some trick ( having progress bars, input vale etc etc )

Then use softwares like camtasia to record it ( cheers to OnHAX )


Method 2 ) Stealing

If you’re a lazy kid too , like me then you better go off with this. STEPS:

1) Go to youtube.com

2) Search for some hot videos related to your niche

3) Go to Keepvid.com ( java required ) and download it in a HQ format.

4 ) Then use something like total video converter of effect matrix to change them to different extension, and camtasia to add a watermark to it with link and name. This’ll protect it from being stolen.

5 ) Congrats;


Setting Up Landing Page:

Method 1 ) Long lasting.

  • Choose a good and unique hacking name and make a blogger blog on it.
  • Make the template dark, as there would be no template with a pink template.
  • Then go to logogarden and upload a picture to it. Make it look cool.


Then make a new post , naming your niche . eg- [HOT]Fifa 15 3DM v1.2 XCrack [Todays’date][Year}.

Setup your niche at blogspot.

First of all create your free account at Blogspot. After you created your free blogger account, click on create a blog button.

– Blog title: Make sure it looks good and catch on eye. Make sure all keywords are related to your niche.

– Blog address (URL): Make sure the name of your blog will be related to your niche. For example if your niche is for Wireless crack your blogger name need to look like wirelesscrack. blog spot or something like that.

Now click on Continue and select Simple as your main blogger template then click again Continue and finally click on Start Blogging. Once you’re done you’ll be redirected to create your first blogger post.

Okay so now you need to be really professional and make high quality post for your niche that will attract people to download your files. First of all, make sure you have an awesome title for your post. Good title example for Wireless Crack niche would be How To Crack Wireless – Works as of May 2012 bad title for your post would be free wireless crack.

Next thing that you need to do is your post. Make sure it will look very professional with every single detail related to your niche. Like when it was released, by who was released, how it works, how to download, why to download, why did you survey protect your file, how to setup, and everything as much as possible.


Useful tips to get more downloads:

  • Make sure you bold important things in your post.
  • Make sure you have good proof that your niche/file/ or what ever you offer is working.
  • Make sure you show them virus scan from VirusTotal.
  • Make sure you don’t have grammar mistakes in your post.
  • Make sure you have awesome download button.

Once you’re done with your post you’re ready to design your blog. I recommend you to design your own logos for your blog > Design >Header > Edit > Upload Pic or URL, I recommend you to have white background or black background. To change your background you need to go to Design > Template Designer > Background > Upload White/Black pic.

Oh well, if you don’t want to mess with designing you can just search on google and find awesome templates for blogger.

Example of websites that offer awesome blogger templates:

  • btemplates
  • bloggerstyles
  • blogtemplate4u

Once you download your blogger template just go to Template > Design > Edit HTML and upload your file.

Then add some content, use google images for image source. And Add the PPD link there . ( will disscuss below ).

Add more posts according to the number of posts.

This way, land all your visitors to this blogger blog. This will make the blog to get viral and it’ll make good SEO too. So even if you’re youtube video is down, this blog will not stop you to genarate profits. :) .



The making of the video & design

This step is quite useful and a lot needed. Rather than stealing other people videos, getting your flag rate up, design your own video. So get Camtasia Studio 8 and visual basic. We need to design a good program first. So if you are designing a h@ck put:

  • A Progressbar
  • A button
  • A textbox
  • 2 laybels
  • 1 imagebox
  • and 1 timer

Put all the stuff you need including text and image for your program to be sleek and realistic as possible. Afterword open the button and type.



Open the timer, and in the timer type



If Progressbar1.Value = Progressbar1.Maximum(0)

Then Timer1.Stop()

MsgBox(“The password is ldshfskhgdhfdhgfd”)

After that record your self talking and “h@ck” or “generate”! Afterwords upload it on Youtube!

The SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

The SEO is very important in the process of fully completing 1 niche. While the video is uploading you need to put a) description; b)tags and c) title.

For the Title:

Niche – Niche Software (MONTH-YEAR) [DIRECT]

Niche – Niche Software v1.29 [MONTH-Year]

Niche v1.29 [MONTH-YEAR] (DIRECT)

For the tags, but only niche related and to the maximum amount which Youtube put! For the description:


Hello viewer, this is niche h@ck/generator, the official v1.27 2013 version. This program not that is is only real and working, but it can h@ck/generate over 3 thousand accounts in near minutes. It is so powerful and great, that I am considering of selling it. The 2013 v1.27 version comes with a great and sleek layout and awesome features! The download link to the niche is below, ow and also for you all non believers the scan link is down too!

Link to website/blogger/wordpress

Link to virustotal!



Now we need to design out site as great as possible. So first we must put the image of the niche, for example if it is a facebook h@ck just put a link of the facebook image. Second, copy the description on youtube!

Third, put 2 sleek and awesome images of a download and scan button. This is where the tricky part comes. Make a new and empty .rar and name it like: Niche h@ck/Generator 2013

Put inside 3 locked files by dragging them

  • Niche [email protected]
  • Support.txt
  • Something.dll

Put locked just a .txt file named “HOW TO GET PASSWORD“.

To make the fake files above, just open notepad and type until desired size then save as, all file and something.exe/dll/txt etc…

Afterwords upload the .rar to the PPD site, I recommend purebits. Put the link of the download linked to the button on your website, next just go to virustotal and upload the same file. Please do not upload infected files, as there the PPD will block your account!


Lazy Work

* Like me, I am lazy to do the blogger part so I do this:

Get a Purebits template

And upload it to Purebits , No hosting required :) Easy and Fast…

PPD & What to lock.

If you’re using method 1 ( landing page ) then it’s better to lock the password of the RAR. and host the rar to mediafire or something.


It’s fake. Lock anything :)

If using Method 1 ( landing then :)

– Make a fake VB program or download one,

– Use Bytes adder to increse the size to like 5-6 MB.

– Use winRAR to password protect it with a txt file( not protected) saying to get the password.

– The upload the password to Purebits file locker.

– Then upload the protected file to MF or ZS



It’s a program to generate video description. So it’s self- explanatory. Get the PPD Link .

Method 1 )

Use bit.ly to shorten the blog post url . ( the blog post has the link to mediafire )

Method 2 )

Use bit.ly to secure the direct landing page hosted on CPALead.

After you’ve generated the Paragraph, save it to txt and go to the next step.


Uploading Videos:

Generally, I make 3 videos, and use YouTube Video uploader to upload it. Mass video blaster is also good, but it’s expensive for me as I don’t like spending for CPA.

The GUI is good and easy to use. I think I don’t have to explain much about it.

Thats all. Rinse and repeat. :)

16 Methods to make money with PPD

If You Haven’t Signup for a PPD Account signup here www.Purebits.net


 1. The Freemium Model

Are you a writer of an ebook, or creator of other valuable digital content? Have you tried selling this content with results you weren‟t too fond of? Here is a solution. Make it FREE, and earn even more than you would if you had charged for it. By making it free and locking it with a Purebits URL, you make your potential downloaders fill out a brief survey before they can download the free content. Each time they fill out the survey, you will earn money. Purebits has several large content creators using their service in place of traditional pay-for-product offerings.


 2. The Yahoo Answers Method

This is one of the simplest and easiest of methods to utilize, and better yet it can also be one of the highest paying ones. Here are the steps in order to monetize this method using adf.ly

Go to Yahoo Answers – Home, click “advanced search”, then type in ‘where to download’ in the ‘keywords section’. Click on the ‘question status’ and change to „open questions‟. There will be 100s or even 1000s of results. All you have to do is click on one of the results. Let‟s say for example, the result says “’where can I download The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for free”. You then go to Google and search ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo free download’. You will get a bunch of results. Find a good download link for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie, and then copy the URL link of the download. After this, go adf.ly, login, and click “add link”. Then click download and it will lock your link with your own adf.ly URL.

After doing this, and retreiving your adf.ly locked URL, post that locked link on Yahoo answers:

Note that Yahoo Answers does not allow adf.ly URLs, so you must remove the ‘http://’ and put brackets around the ‘ . ‘ for example like this ( adf(.)ly/v/b52Hw ). Make sure you also let the readers know, ‘You may be required to complete a survey to unlock the download‟.

You can just keep repeating this process for each answer (takes only a few minutes for each answer), and you can use this same method for millions of other things, such as games, passwords, mp3s, ebooks, etc.

You can also use Yahoo Answers to target a specific niche. For example, “Dogs”. You can search Yahoo Answers for “Dogs”, and then subscribe to the RSS feed. This way you will be notified whenever someone asks a question about “Dogs”. As soon as you see that question pop up, you will be able to be the first one to answer it. Now, when you answer, you could provide a resource, such as an ebook about dogs, or simply do the research yourself, and use Pastebin.com (see resources at bottom of this book for more info), and post your own details that answer the question there. Then lock you Pastebin.com url using adf.ly and provide that as a source for your answer or even the answer itself. You will be surprised how many of these people visit your locked URL and take the brief survey. Not only will the poster of the question be interested, but others that were wondering the same thing will as well.

Note: You may also need to make multiple Yahoo accounts since you can only answer 20 questions a day. The more locked link answers you do,the more likely your account will get suspended from Yahoo answers, do don‟t use an account that is important to you.


3. The YouTube Split Video Strategy

Create Youtube videos, and then only publish part of the video publicly. Make the second part of the video “unlisted” and then lock it using a Purebits url. In the description of part 1 of the video, provide a link to “Part 2”. That link will be Purebits locked URL. Each time someone wants to watch “Part 2” of your video, they would have to fill out a survey, thus earning you money.


4. The YouTube Hacks/Cracks/Trainer Method

Make a brief youtube video explaining that you have found a h@ck for something, or have a way to do something. Then say, “Click” The link below in the description of this video to download the h@ck, cr@ck, Video, or whatever else it is you are offering. Then lock the download with a Purebits URL, and post it in the description as well. Each time someone wishes to download the content, they will have to take a brief survey, in which you will earn money for. You may or may not want to forewarn users that they will need to take a brief survey.


5. The Talent Method

This method is used by those who have a talent. This will include book authors, musicians, singers, etc. Most of these people, if they aren‟t already famous, like to just get their name out there. Many of these individuals give away their content for free. Why not make a little extra money while doing it? Some of these talented people are now using Purebits to give there content away for fee, all-the-while making some money at the same time.


6. The Awesome Find Method

This is an easy method to use. You simply find files that have been uploaded to other websites such as filestube, hotfile, etc, or upload content yourself. For example, you may find a video that has been uploaded somewhere, or an awesome ebook.

You simply lock the download URL using a adfly link locker URL, and advertise it anywhere you want, including on forums, a website, your blog, other blogs, facebook, twitter etc. Each time someone wants to download that file, they will be asked to complete a survey first. Each time they do, you will earn money.


7. Twitter Topic Method

This is a great method if you want to take the time. It requires that you use a twitter account to follow people that are currently following someone else. For example, you can follow people that are following the official “Iron Man 2” Twitter page. A good percentage of these people will then follow you back. Once you have built up a decentamount of followers on this account, you can then begin making money. Look for things related to “Iron Man 2”. For example, “Free Iron Man 2 Movie Download”, or “Free Iron Man 2 T-Shirt”. Then lock the URL to this offer using MGCash, and post it on your wall. Since you will have a bunch of “Iron Man 2” fans following you, you should get a great response, simply by making a tweet such as, “Free Iron Man 2 T-Shirt – Just Answer a short survey and it‟s yours!!”. You can use this method on virtually anything. (Note: we do not recommend or suggest using illegal methods such as movie pirating, etc)


8. Facebook Fanpage Method

As you know, there are literally millions of Facebook Fanpages, some of which have over 1 million followers each. You can definitely use this to your advantage. Simply find a download/product/resource that you want to lock using Purebits. Lock it and then find a related fan page. For example. If you have found a website that give away free Justin Bieber Sun Glasses, lock that link using Purebits hand then search Facebook for “Justin Bieber”. You will find multiple page with many followers. Just visit some of those pages and post something like, “I found a cool website that is giving away free Justin Bieber sunglasses. All you have to do is answer a brief survey… check it out at Purebits – Make Money Uploading Files! /xxxxx (your locked link)”. This can be done with virtually anything, including free movie downloads, game downloads, ebooks, or just cool websites. Most Facebook pages allow you to post directly to a wall as well as comment under the page‟s wall posts. Commenting under the page‟s wall posts that already have a lot of comments and likes will be the most beneficial.

Facebook Games – Some Facebook games allow you to type while playing them. This can be beneficial if you have a locked link related to the game. For example you may be playing a game of Minecraft, and you could offer a free Minecraft game add-on via a locked Purebits URL.


9. Forum Posting Method

There are many forums out there that are online to provide information on things such as:

– Where to download free movies

– Where to stream live sporting events

– Where to get free stuff

– Where to get coupon codes

You can use this to your advantage. Next time instead of simply posting a URL to a resource such as a free movie download, a coupon, a breaking news story, etc on forums, use a Purebits locked link in its place. Simply lock the URL using Purebits and post that on the forum. You will earn money for every person that takes the brief survey to unlock it.

– Live Streaming Events – There are many forums where you could post links to locked Live Streaming events. All you have to do is find a relevant folder, lock your live streaming URL using Purebits and then post the link with a brief description (If you prefer black-hat methods, you could even lock a link to something other than the live streaming event, as your readers will not know that it is bogus until it is unlocked). For example. If you have found a live streaming NBA Playoff game, you should look for forums with folders discussing the NBA or Basketball. There is one Forum that you can pretty much post any live streaming event at, and that is CherryShares.com. I know for a fact that there are people posting links to live streaming events such as sporting events, press conferences, and even (non-live) TV shows. More specifically the URL to the folder where you can pretty much freely post these links is: http://forum.cherrycredits.com/forum/categories/view/cash-shop. However, if you browse around the forum, you will find that people make these posts just about anywhere. Some of them have as many as 2,000 views. Imagine how much money you would make with Bee4.biz if only ½ of those people took the survey! Some of these posters don‟t even post real links, they just lock something else and claim that it is a live streaming event. Browse around the forum. Most of the top Purebits earners surely use this site and other forums to make a living using the service. (Note: we do not suggest spamming forums, or using any other immoral/illegal methods.

Please make sure you are following all website and legal rules).


10. Partial Upload Method

This works great for ebooks, and some videos. The strategy is that you take an ebook (novel, instructional book, “how to” book, etc) take out the majority of the content, while leaving only a little bit (i.e. the first chapter). Then at the end of it, you put a link to your locked Purebits URL which will allow the reader/viewer to download the entire version. There are many sites which allow for free uploads of PDF files. (slideshare.com, sharepdf.net, freepdfhosting.com, keepandshare.com, pdfcast.org, scribd.com, planetpdf.com, search-pdf- books.com). If you are doing a review, Youtube is the best place to upload but there are also other free video sites. This can also be done with MP3s, and just about any content you can imagine. Need to edit a PDF? There are a lot of ways to do this, just search google for “Free PDF Editor”. One that I have used in the past is: PDFill PDF Editor – Free download and software reviews – CNET Download.com

Need to find a good novel to do this with? Check out Amazon.com or the Barnes and Nobel‟s website (Barnes & Noble – Books, Textbooks, eBooks, Toys, Games & More) They list the hottest books. There are plenty of websites that offer free book downloads (note: this would be a blackhat method).


11. Social Networking „Attractive Female‟ Method

Create a profile on Facebook, Orkut or Google Plus using photos of a very attractive female (Note: we do not recommend illegal methods, or acting as though you are someone else). Request male and female friends from the UK, UK and Canada (especially single males). After you have a good number of friends on your fake profile, you will have these members‟ attention. Make posts such as, “Click here to see my sexy photos”, “Click here if you would like to date me”, “Vote for me as the sexiest female!”, “Wanna see my ***** pics?”, etc. All of these links should be locked by adf.ly.
You can even say in your posts, something along the lines of, “Are you single? Would you date me? Check out my sexy photos. After taking this brief survey!” Then provide your locked adf.ly URL.


12. The Adult Photo Post Method

As you know, the adult industry is flourishing on the internet. It always has been, and always will be. There are literally millions of people surfing the internet for adult photos and videos at any given time. This is where you can really take advantage. There are plenty of websites online such as Dumpster Sluts Free ***** Blog = Amateur, Celeb, Sluts and Teen *****, http://pinporn.com and 4chan that you can browse around and find videos, movies, pictures, animated GIFs, and free ***** site passwords. You can then search google for other adult forums (Search for “Adult forum”, “***** forum”, etc). Visit these sites, register for an account, and then take the videos, pictures, and passwords you have received from other sites and lock them using a adf.ly URL. If you have links to download a video, simply lock that link with adf.ly. If you have text (passwords), you have several options. You could create a simple webpage or blogger.com blog and put the text there, or use services like Pastebin.com – #1 paste tool since 2002!

. Pastebin allows you to type in (or paste) text, then click on submit. You will get a unique pastebin.com URL. Then take that url and lock it using adf.ly and spread it around on other sites. This is a method that never gets old, and can always make you a ton of money.

Many pornography forums allow you to post locked links, and links to videos, photos, passwords, etc. However for those that do not, all you have to do is put these links in your signature. Each time you reply or make a new post, your signature will be on display. Make the links attractive by saying things like “Free Pamela Anderson ***** Video – Click here!”, or “My library of over 1,000 adult passwords – download now!”. Then just make normal brief posts on these forums and your signature will get plenty of views.

You can also use 4chan to post these images. Just post a single image in one of the adult sections of the site (/s/ – Sexy Beautiful Women, or /hc/ – Hardcore), then let your readers know that they can download the entire photo library or photo set at your locked adf.ly URL. You will be surprised how many people click the link and take the brief survey. (Note: make sure you follow website rules and guidelines)


13. Free Digital Comic Method

Ok, I‟m not a fan of comics. Never have been, never will be. They just don‟t interest me. However, I have used this method alone to make close to $250 per week using Purebits. The first step is finding free online comics. You can search google, and you should get plenty of results. However my favorite resource is http://www.lorencollins.net/freecomic/. You can download just about anything. After downloading these, you have several options. First you want to lock the URL to the download link, using Purebits. Then you can either create a website (WordPress or Blogger blog), and a brief entry for each new comic. You could write a brief review of it, and then provide the “Download this Comic Book Now” link (Your locked Purebits URL).

Too lazy to build your own website? There is another method. Find comic book related forums, and post your locked Bee4.biz URL there. One of the best forums (at least it‟s kind of like a forum) for this is 4chan.org (more specifically the comic book section at: http:// boards.4chan.org/co/). Make a new post, and post an image of the front cover of the comic book. Then beside it, post your download link (locked PurebitsURL). You should also post a small description of the book, so that it garners some interest. If you can get some friends to comment on it, that will help even more!


14. Roms and Emulator Method

Many Purebits users swear by this method. It is quite simple to utilize and can really earn you a ton of money. This method however, can be a bit more time consuming, in that it works best when you have the ability to create your own website. To start off, you will want to search for Nintendo DS roms and emulators in Google. This can be done with any roms or emulators (NES, Sega Genesis, PS3,Xbox, etc). Then download as many of these as you can. Mininova : The ultimate BitTorrent source! is a good place to find roms and emulators. You will then upload these roms to your site, a free upload site, or simply use the download URL that you got them from. You will then lock these URLs using Purebits.

After doing this, create a nice looking website, and provide details for the games you are allowing people to download. The download link should be directing to the Purebits locked URL. Make sure to keep your site updated, by frequently adding new roms on a daily/ weekly basis. Add your site to rom and emulator directories, and post links to it places. You can also submit your site to search engines, as well as social news sites like Digg.com, Stumbleupon.com, reddit.com etc.

Be sure to put a disclaimer on your site stating that all roms downloaded need to be deleted within 24 hours unless the legal copy is owned. Otherwise you could potentially get in legal trouble. (Note: make sure you are familiar with laws in your jurisdiction before utilizing any of these methods. We never recommend or suggest that you break any laws).


15. Your Own „Free Stuff‟ Website

Running your own website has a lot of benefits. Firstly, your site will get indexed by search engines (more specifically, Google). I suggest making a WordPress.com website, so that you can make new blog entries whenever you feel like it. These individual entries will get indexed by Google, thus you will have perpetual traffic. For example, you may wish to start a “Free Sports Streaming” website where you post new entries for current sporting events. You may give a brief preview of the event and then provide a “Stream this event live” link. That link will be a locked Purebits url. You can also do this for free MP3s, Movies, Games, Passwords, or whatever else you can imagine. You could mix this method with other methods. Instead of posting links to your Purebits locked URL on forums, social networking sites, Digg, Reddit, etc, why not create a new blog entry and post the URL to that entry on these sites? You will get repeat visitors, people tweeting your site, and many more benefits.


16. Your Own Unique Method

There are an infinite amount of ways you can earn a living using Purebits to lock your links. The best ways you use will be totally unique ideas that no one has even tried before. Experiment! You will be surprised how much money you can earn from simple little ideas that take only minutes to put in place.



logo purebits


Source: Cpahero ( Personal i use and i make money with: 1,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,13,14,16)

Earning money

This month has been a really good month for me with PureBITS and for the past few days I’ve been earning over $100 per day thanks to putting the methods I’m about to tell you into practice. If you put a good amount and effort into following these methods then you are pretty much guaranteed to make money with PPD/CPA.


Step 1: Finding your niche

This is the hardest part of making money with CPA and PPD as I’m sure a lot of you will know. It required time and patience which is something a lot of people don’t have.

I’ve found a way to find really good niches using YouTube and I will explain below.

Go to the following site: https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool

Once at the above site you will find a box where you can enter keywords or phrases, we will use this tool to find our perfect niche.

We’re going to use what I like to call ‘trigger phrases’ to find our niche, for example in the box you could enter ‘Download free’. Entering that trigger phrase will reveal popular niches on YouTube and ones we can take advantage of.

There are a whole load of niches there that we can take advantage of, however there is no point in us going for ones that have more than 50,000 monthly searches because those niches are most likely going to be heavily saturated. A good example in this instance is ‘Terraria free download’ as it only gets 7,400 searches every month. We must now create a video and a website which is going to capture nearly all of those searches!


Step 2: Website

The next step is to create a website; I’d recommend investing another $10 and buying a .com or .net domain for your niches. You don’t have to buy a domain for each niche you create, just buy a general one for example downloadfreestuff.com I’m sure that’s taken but it’s just an example.

If you really don’t want to buy a domain or can’t afford it just sign up to blogspot.com and create a new blog for your niche. For example if you chose Terraria for our niche your blogspot URL could be downloadterrariafree.blogspot.com.

Be sure to customize the template to make it related to your niche since that will improve your conversions. Create some images, even if you create them in paint, which can be used for your Header and Background because it makes your website seem more legitimate.

Once you’ve customized your website you need to make your post which will advertise your niche. You don’t need to write too much information all you need to do is explain what your crack/hack will do and how it works. Make sure you add instructions on how to use it or install it since that will make the user feel like they know what to do once they’ve downloaded your file.

Be sure to add a cool looking download button that links to your PureBITS download and a virus total scan of your file to make the users feel more at ease when downloading, this will improve conversions.

Once you’ve done all of this and are happy with your video it’s time to promote!


Step 3: promotion

It’s easier than you may think to get traffic to your websites! All I do is create a nice looking video that shows off the hack or crack (or if you don’t actually have one, just show the website and explain how the hack works). Use Camtasia Studio to record your videos since it’s the best software out there! Try to use your voice in the videos to explain things rather than opening a .txt file since users are more likely to download it that way.

Upload your video to YouTube and make sure you use good tags; a good way of getting good tags is to search your niche on YouTube, open the first ranked video and use similar tags to that! That should really help you get a few views to your video.

You can also promote using pastebin and other video sites such as DailyMotion, but really I only use YouTube.


Step 4: Enhancing YouTube Views

To help get your videos ranked on the first page of YouTube you will need to get some fake views and likes to your videos! This can be easily done just visit one of the following sites, earn credits and then redeem them for views and likes:




I personally recommend www.Hitleap.com since it’s an amazing site and delivers views extremely quickly, but you may want to stick to the free ones if you’re on a budget.


Further information and tips:

From time to time your videos are going to get removed or your account banned, especially on newer accounts. It’s a part of the process, just suck it up and create a new account and new videos! •

Getting bad comments and ratings on your videos? Disable them or overwhelm them with fake likes and comments from enhance views. •

Don’t give up! It took me over a month to begin earning $100 per day but I didn’t give up at all, most of my free time was invested into uploading videos and creating site.•

Now after all that hard work I can sit back and enjoy playing video games knowing I’m earning good money!


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FaceBook - A fun way to make money

If you still spend much time on this social network, viewing pictures and giving likes, what would you say if you could make money from it? It comes as a novelty, but yes, it’s possible. Instead likes you free, you could do it in exchange for gains. Are you sure you would like to try and take advantage of such an opportunity!

How does it work

How does it work?

There are two sites that ask you to provide this possibility, namely FanSlave and FanDealer. You only need a Facebook account, real and active, meaning at least five friends to have a profile picture and status updates something. After creating your account and password to access the site, go to the main menu and then select “Your account – Facebook overview ‘. Click ‘Connect’ to enable your Facebook account to connect with the application you’re going to check sites like, in order to give you money. A new window will open to allow access and you have to click ‘Allow’. Some pages will show you, and they are who have to give them the ‘Like’. In each right will be displayed and the amount you’ll get to like the question. Check each page and give ‘Like’ and everyone. To check if your money is transferred into your account, go back to your web page or FanDealer FanSlave and click ‘Update’. More broadly explained I saw an article on this site about money.

How do I get the money

How do I get the money?

Perhaps the most important aspect of this ‘business’ is how you’ll get your money. It’s very easy. You need a PayPal account or Payza to be able to withdraw your funds. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 15 euros and 30 euros FanSlave if FanDealer.


To generate higher profits, try to check every day offers appear to take advantage of them. Be present online for substantial gains.

Do not try to cheat or call at different tricks to ensure your higher income. If after you withdraw funds in question and then give ‘Unlike’ ads, you will probably be discovered and punished. So play fair! Also, you are not permitted to have multiple accounts.


In the same way explained in detail above, you can make money through Twitter. The same steps apply for this social network, being necessary to give ‘Follow’ to certain pages.

Another way to earn extra is’re using YouTube, and other sites. On YouTube, you need to watch some videos, very short, no more than 30 seconds. And in other sites also must simply access them. These methods reward you with credits that are converted to cash as follows: 1 euro equals 200 credits. Similarly, you can withdraw money from your account using PayPal or Payza.



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Are you trying to make money from your downloads? If so, pay-per-download (PPD) is a great way to do it. You can monetize any form of digital content, including apps, digital content, digital media, files, and pretty much anything that can be downloaded. It’s a great way to make money from your own content, and you can even make money from other people’s content, too.


So What is Pay-Per-Download?

While different companies may use the term to mean slightly different things, a PPD network or site is a system that lets you monetize downloads. You can charge users to download the file, or require them to unlock the content by completing an action – such as a survey or quiz – which then generates revenue from a third party advertiser. There is some overlap between the two services, and some online monetization networks offer both systems to their subscribers.

Some PPD networks also include affiliate systems. This means that an affiliate marketer will go to work promoting your paid download. Each time a user purchases your download, you’ll pay them a commission. If you are also working the marketing angle, you can use a PPD affiliate system to promote other people’s downloads and earn commissions.


Making the Most of a Pay-Per-Download Network

If you have content you want to sell, then either the paid purchase or content-locking system should work for you. To find out which one is best suited to your situation, you’ll need to assess the value of your content. Are you monetizing an app? A wallpaper pack? A plugin?

Start by researching the competition. Find out how others are monetizing similar products. Are they charging for the end product or using content-locking? Take advantage of those who have gone before you: they’ve probably tested and re-tested the most effective download monetization strategies. Emulate, then innovate.

In general, less valuable content should be content-locked. You can try charging customers to download more valuable items, such as apps or high quality eBooks. Or, if you have the resources and web space, you can run both systems simultaneously and see which generates more revenue.

dnmw pay per download

Researching Pay-Per-Download Networks

Once you’ve answered the question, “What is pay per download?” you can begin researching available networks.


Here are a few things to look for when doing your due diligence:



Check the reputation by looking for reviews on external websites, read forums, news websites, and see what other people say. Also check for signs of legitimacy on the PPD site. Look for a mailing address, contact phone number, and other signs that the PPD site can stand behind their service.


Secure Payments

A secure payment processor is vital. If the PPD site uses PayPal, Amazon Payments, and other major processors, you can feel pretty safe knowing that the business is willing to register a real identity and bank account with them.



Once you verify that you’re dealing with an actual business that takes security seriously, it’s time to look at the features the PPD network offers. Find out how many payment processors they support, if they have an affiliate program, if they have partnerships with other online retailers, and find out their pricing system. Find out any and all limits they place on the number of transactions and products they allow, and any other details about their shopping cart system.


Pricing Plans

Pricing plans can vary from network to network, and some networks have different plans. Some will set limits on the size of your upload, charge commissions for your downloads, or change other variables based on a subscription model. Do they charge to sign up for an account? Weigh all of these prices against how much content you have and your potential PPD revenue.


Pay-Per-Download and Content-Locking

Sometimes, PPD and content-locking are used interchangeably. As mentioned above, you don’t charge users for these products. Instead, you lock the content and receive a fee when users complete an action to unlock that content.

With content-locking networks, research is just as important. Go through the same steps mentioned above to discover more about the company’s reputation, what type of security they offer, and what features they offer. Check to see how they stack up against the competition.

Since you’ll often be presenting third-party offers in order to monetize your download, you’ll want to research the available offers for each PPD network. Check to see which ones are most relevant to your target audience and how much they pay. Once you sign up and begin using the network, you’ll be doing a lot of testing.

Typically, payments for locked content or downloads is much lower than what you would charge for a paid product. The production cost of such digital content, however, is often much lower than for a paid product. Instead of selling one large download for a high price, you can distribute many smaller downloads and receive smaller payments for each one.

Pay-per-download networks are one of the best monetization strategies out there, and definitely worth a shot for anyone who has digital content to monetize. Which one you choose will often be based on the type of content you’re offering, your price range, and your goals. Once you make your pick, it’s time to get testing!


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